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Architectural Standards

The River Crossing Homeowners' Association has established some architectural and aesthetic standards to keep our neighborhood looking great.

To see the full standards, click here.

Getting Approval for Home Projects


Before you make any changes to your home, including:

  • Painting the exterior

  • Replacing the roof

  • Building or replacing a shed or fence

  • Adding recreational facilities

  • Major landscaping


​​You need to get approval from the River Crossing Architectural Control Committee (ACC). This is required even if you're using pre-approved materials or colors or replacing something that already exists.​


How to Apply:
  1. Fill out the application for project approval. Click here to download the application form

  2. Complete the application and include all supporting documents. You can complete the form in Adobe Acrobat or print it out to complete. If you fill out the form manually, you will have to scan the completed and signed form. 

  3. Submit your application by emailing it to

  4. Your application must be submitted at least 21 days before your project starts. Homeowners cannot begin work until the ACC approves it, and doing so will incur fines as outlined in our Violation Policy.


For an overview of the ACC's approval process, click here.


Important Notes:
  • If you've already started or completed a project, you must still get retroactive approval; click here.

  • To report a covenant enforcement issue to the ACC, click here.

  • For a list of approved roofing materials, click here.

  • To review our Violation Policy, click here.


Thank you for helping us maintain the beauty and integrity of our community!

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