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Architectural Standards

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The River Crossing Homeowners' Association has established architectural and aesthetic standards for the neighborhood. To see a list of the standards, click here.


Before any homeowner makes an addition or change to their residence (including outside painting, replacing a roof, building or replacing a shed or fence, adding recreational facilities, or significant landscaping) an application for approval must be filed with the River Crossing Architectural Control Committee (ACC). This applies even if you are using a roofing material already approved, painting the same color, or replacing an existing fence. Email the scanned application and any supporting documents directly to the ACC at Please submit the application at least a week before the project is started.  


Click here for an application for project approval.


To see an outline of the Architectural Control Committee's approval process, click here.


If a homeowner unintentionally completes a project, you must still file for approval retroactively. Click here for the form.


To request the Architectural Control Committee look into a covenant enforcement issue, click here.


To see a list of approved roof material options, click here.


To see the Violation Policy, click here.

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