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Landscape Standards

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1. Lawns shall be mowed weekly during the growing season or as needed and kept free of weeds to maintain a neat, well-cared-for appearance.


2. Lawn clippings shall be removed from asphalt or concrete areas the day of cutting.


3. Lawns shall be edged at least once per month during the growing season.


4. Planting bed areas to be well maintained free of weeds and debris.


5. Leaf litter shall not be allowed to accumulate in landscaped or hard surface areas to the point where it is decomposing.


6. Lawn and planting bed areas shall be irrigated adequately to maintain good health of the lawn and plants, subject to water conservation requirements.


7. Fertilization of lawn and bed areas shall be performed as necessary for good lawn and plant health.


8. Back yards visible from 3rd Drive SE shall remain free of weeds and leaf litter, irrigated, and fertilized to maintain good landscape health.


9. Pest control shall be performed as necessary to prevent the spread of insects that cause damage to landscaping of the subject lot or neighboring lots.


10. Pruning shall be performed as needed throughout the growing period to maintain a neat, well-cared-for appearance. Trees and shrubs shall not be allowed to obstruct the sidewalk or road.


11. Dead or damaged plant material shall be removed. No dumping of yard waste in open spaces or other Association property.


12. Street trees within the adjacent right-of-way are the responsibility of the homeowner. Per the city of Mill Creek, street tree limbs need to be trimmed to a minimum height of eight feet above sidewalks and 14 feet above roads.


13. All refuse shall be kept in sanitary containers concealed from the view of any lot; the containers shall be regularly emptied, and the contents disposed of off the properties. No grass cuttings, leaves, limbs, branches or other debris from vegetation shall be dumped or allowed to accumulate on any part of the property. 

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